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VSAT Satellite internet connectivity in c-band all over south sudan

Up to 50 Mbps Receive & 24 Mbps Transmit, Dedicated(1:1) & Shared(4:1) access. 

The equipment and services offered are only for professionals: Embassies, Mining, Farm, Etc… GlobalTT provides a strong and reliable internet access via satellite directly from its teleport and operation in Brussels.


  • C-Band 99.9% Availability
  • Very Strong & Stable Link
  • No Rain & Strom Effect
  • 2.4-meter Antenna Dish Size.
  • 50 Mbps Rx & 24 Mbps Tx
  • Application Management tool filter & Control included
  • Trunkey solution all over Africa(EMEA)
  • Up to 500 users
“ Download speed from 768 Kbps up to 50 Mbps ”
" Upload speed from 384 Kbps up to 25 Mbps "

Options available:

  •  On-demand bandwidth accelerator (up to 30Mbps depending on the modem)
  •  Public IP
  •  Internet port forwarding
  •  VPN (remote and Gateway to gateway)
  •  Cloud VOIP, Cloud Email, Cloud webcam
  •  check our Added Values for more upgrades

Double (2x) speed in download during the evening, night, and Weekend (Saturday and Sunday)

  • Graphs and Protocols visualization in real-time [high precision]
  •  Self-Activation/Self-Commissioning 24/7/365
  • Guest users’ access with defined roles
  •  Subscription management: renewal, upgrade, a new commitment, …
  • Free trial of higher subscriptions.
  •  Applications Manager: 6 Main Categories ( Productivity, Web, File Transfer, Social, Network, and Entertainment.)