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Ku-Band FIxed VSAT ifast

Satellite Internet in South Sudan with Unlimited Shared Access ( Ku-Band SLA 99.8% )

Unlimited shared access is a subscription where you have the volume unlimited and the speed has to be chosen. 

  • Free Online Monitoring
  • Your connection is 2X faster in off-peak time 
  • High-quality Satellite Dish(90 cm,1.2 m, & 2.4 m)
  • High speed iFAST modems.
  • Speed up to 50 Mbps

Max 50 Mbps Rx & 25 Mbps Tx

Options available:

  •  On-demand bandwidth accelerator (up to 30 Mbps depending on the modem)
  •  Public IP
  •  Internet port forwarding
  •  VPN (remote and Gateway to gateway)
  •  Cloud VOIP, Cloud Email, Cloud webcam

1.8 m, 2.4 m & 4.5 m Dish

High Quality Hardware parts


Up to 250 Users
19″ rack Pro Up to 50 Mbps receive & 25 Mbps transmit.
Dual MF-TDMA/SCPC Carrier
128 GB On-Board Proxy active cashing, powerful processor.
DVB-S2 ACM inbound & outbound

iFAST- IP Modem

Up to 50 Users
Up to 10.5 Mbps on the receive & 1 Mbps on the transmit.
Offers 512 TCP Connections.
DVB-S2 ACM satellite access
2VLAN, on the satellite internet modem
ifast-modem-front with 3 lights-333333
ifast-modem-back with out rj45 & lights-33333